Parth Envirocare would like to salute those all early starters who has awakened us all to the need of environment care. We will post a few words of summary of such pioneer in our posts.

Joe Farman:

A great person who first made all world aware of the depleting Ozone layer over antartica  due to CFC a green house gases.  

A first line of true environment carer  making us aware to take care of our only home – planet earth. Our actions must not damage our planet. 

Routine monitoring of the gases is a must for us going forward. 

We could see parallels with today’s discovery of global warming.

All world’s policymakers need to respondto this climate emergency in a similar wy that Joe’s discovery was treated.

Parth Envirocare salutes Joe Farman for this crucial discovery.

Born: 7 August 1930, Norwich

Died: 11 May 2013, Cambridge

Education: Corpus Christi College

Award: Order of the British Empire (2000)

Books: Results of the 1987 Ozonesonde Programme at Halley Bay, Antarctica, more

‘Collated With sincere thanks to BBC and Wikipedia for the information’. 

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Parth EnviroCare believes in genuinely taking care of environment by providing products that serve the purpose without pushing nature’s limits. Products achieves a fine balance between modern times needs with environmental burden.